Nashville Spot Makes Draft Magazine's Best Beer Bar List



Draft Magazine put out its list of the 100 best beer bars in town and, lo and behold, the Gulch's Hops & Crafts was a surprise entry on there.

We say surprise because it hasn't been open as long as some more established spots. Because of its proximity — a mere half block from Bites World HQ — Hops & Crafts has a lot of fans here. We like that they serve affordable pints and have a well-honed list, but it's also a good space to hang out when the weather's nice and the big garage door is open to the patio.

What were the criteria? Draft editors talked about what they look for in a great place:

Having well-cared for, thoughtfully selected beer with an eye toward variety, trends and tradition, in the kind of place you’d want to stay awhile, delivered by someone who knows their stuff. We don’t want to send you to a place where the server doesn’t look up from her texting when you ask questions, or where you’ll be told a saison “is basically a lager.” (And yes, both of those things happened on our visits.)

We asked one of our favorite beer fanatics, Friend of Bites David Wingo, who else he might recommend from Nashville for the list ...

My favorite place is 12 South Taproom. Great food and the best beer selection in town. Hi-gravity and lo-gravity options. Bottles, cans and a great draft selection. They have all the special releases plus they tap casks occasionally.

I love Craft Brewed, too. They only have lo-gravity offerings on draft, but they also have a great selection of both local and national brews. They regularly have interesting, limited releases. They also have their "June Carter Cask." Gotta love that you can go next door for a bomber or 6 pack of hi-gravity brews to take home.

Publicity is a bit of a drive for me, but they have excellent beer. Mindy stays on top of all the limited releases. She has about 12 taps and a well-selected bottle list. She also has a great relationship with Rivertown and often gets kegs from them that are nowhere else in town. Laid-back atmosphere and good food too.

What's your favorite beer bar in the area? What would you add to the list?

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