The Weekly Open Thread: Let's Get Baked



On last week's Open Thread, reader S L commented about the dearth of good bakeries around here, and it got me thinking — as we head into what may be the coldest week here in years, it might be good to talk about warm baked goods to help us cope.

Here's S L's comment:

I just came back from a week in Boston and would love to know what everyone thinks passes for a good bakery here these days? A zillion kinds of daily fresh bread, more cannoli than I knew possible, something scary called ricotta pie, croissants for days — where is that here? And then there's all the Chinatown bakeries. How can Nashville be so utterly lacking in fresh bakeries, let alone variety? And no, I don't want to hear anyone say Publix...

Personally, I love Sweet 16th, Dozen Bakery and Dulce Desserts, but those are more geared toward sweets, and it sounds like S L is talking as much about different types of breads, savory baked goods and variety in general. I know Provence makes a few good loaves, and I'm digging Bella Nashville's breads, but what else is out there? Anyone got any suggestions?

What else ya got?

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