Big News From Green Brier Distillery



It's been almost two years since Nashville whiskey-preneurs Charlie and Andy Nelson released Belle Meade Bourbon to consistent acclaim from the market. From the very beginning, their intent has been to use this purchased whiskey to make a name for themselves in the crowded brown liquor world and then begin to actually distill their own product based on the historical recipe from their family's Green Brier Distillery.

They are now about ready to start boiling some corn at their own facility near Marathon Village and plan to open Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery and Tasting Room sometime in early 2014. They will still market the Belle Meade brand, but the addition of a true Tennessee product that is distilled and aged locally should be a positive development to the whiskey scene.

According to their past statements on the matter, Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey could be a whiskey with a higher wheat content than Belle Meade, which is a rye-heavy bourbon. Wheated whiskeys are certainly the rage right now, with Pappy Van Winkle leading the charge along with other brands like Weller and Maker's Mark. It will be a few years before truly aged and complex Green Brier should be available on the shelves of your favorite bar and liquor store, but now that they have officially put shovels in the ground, whiskey lovers can start watching the clock.

Until then, the new tasting room should be a great place to try out their products and learn more about the venerable history of the Green Brier brand.

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