The Weekly Open Thread: Fried Green Tomatoes



OK, we're talking about the food here, not the movie — but try finding a royalty-free picture of fried green tomatoes!

Frankly, in my experience, few restaurant dishes get botched as frequently as fried green tomatoes. I really like Etch, but the fried green tomatoes I had as part of chicken entrée were not good. Granted, they were advertised as tempura green tomatoes, but regardless, the tomato inside was nearly solid as a rock.

My favorite iteration of the Southern specialty can be found at Lockeland Table, served as a part of the restaurant's Bibb wedge salad. They are thinly sliced, lightly breaded, cooked until tender, served with pepper jelly. Nothing fancy, but perfectly executed. I've had decent ones at Arnold's, though they can skew a little salty.

My Bites compatriot Dana Kopp Franklin says Merchants does a fine job with fried green tomatoes. I have not tried them there.

Who serves your favorite fried green tomatoes? And what are your criteria for properly executed fried green tomatoes?

What else is on your mind?

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