Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Releases Winter Tartan Ale



One concern I had when I heard that Big River downtown was rebooting and rebranding as Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery was whether the local elements of the menu, particularly the beer selections, would disappear once it adapted the bigger corporate name and logo. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Rock Bottom was releasing a locally crafted seasonal brew for the holidays, WInter Tartan Ale.

Brad Mortensen is the Nashville brewmaster at Rock Bottom, and he was excited to get to play with a new recipe. I have to say that I thought the result was fantastic. Winter Tartan is a traditional Scottish ale with a smooth, malty flavor and a hint of vanilla. There's a nice toasted chocolate character from the use of caramel malt, and just the right amount of hoppiness to make it interesting without overpowering the seasonal flavors.

Winter Tartan is available exclusively at the Broadway location of Rock Bottom at least through the end of the year. They've also added some seasonal items to the food menu like a Swiss Portobello Burger to accompany the new brew, so drop by before a Preds game to try them out.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
111 Broadway
(615) 251-4677

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