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If you’re still contemplating a locally based food product to give for holiday presents, might I make another suggestion? Jeff Stewart has been making a successful line of ice creams under the name of Mountain Jim’s for a few years now. You can find them at The Produce Place and Whole Foods, but unfortunately ice cream doesn’t mail very well, so the odds of Aunt Madge enjoying her pint of frozen treats intact are pretty slim.

However, Stewart has released a new product under the Mountain Jim’s umbrella that would make a very appropriate gift. Like many of us, Stewart remembered Tennessee T-Cakes, a local product that blew up crazy-large after Oprah included them in her list of Favorite Things in 2006. Unfortunately, Tennessee T-Cakes was a one-woman operation, and when Frances Ann Barkley passed away a few years back, she took the recipe and the operation with her.

So Stewart took to his kitchen and started to experiment with recipes to re-create the flavors of the beloved little confections. After a lot of trial and error, he has developed Mountain Jim’s Tennessee Tea Cakes, which if my palate has a decent memory, are pretty darned close to the original. Crafted in small batches from natural ingredients and no preservatives, Mountain Jim’s Tennessee Teacakes come in four varieties: Original, Lemon, Key Lime and Chocolate Truffle.

More accurately, the base of all the varieties is the Original, a vanilla-flavored cake dusted with powdered sugar that has a delightful texture somewhere between a brownie and a cupcake. The other varieties are made bay adding glazes or a big chunk of chocolate on top.

The teacakes are available in two-packs at The Produce Place if you want to try some out, or if you want to send them in bulk in boxes or decorative tins, you can email orders to or call (615) 485-9335. For corporate orders, Stewart can even personalize your tin with a company logo, or you can just pick one of his standard white or black containers. Here’s his pricing:

Decorative Tins (black or white, holds one dozen )

Original $ 20.00

Lemon $ 21.00

Key Lime $ 21.00

Chocolate Truffle $ 22.00

Assortment $ 22.00

Boxed (holds one dozen )

Original $ 12.00

Lemon $ 13.00

Key Lime $ 13.00

Chocolate Truffle $ 14.00

Assortment $ 14.00

Prices do not include sales tax.

Product delivered to purchasing office unless specified otherwise.

Shipping direct to target clients available, shipping charges apply..

Your company logo on tins or boxes — $86.00 set up charge, $6.00 color charge. Minimum 50 tins for company logo.

Fortunately, nobody in my family reads Bites, so I can tell you all that I’m giving these delectable little treats to my relatives all over the country so they can get a little taste of Tennessee. You can follow Mountain Jim's Tennessee Teacakes on Facebook or on Twitter at @mtnjimtn.

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