Spike Apologizes for Airing Bar Rescue Episode After Slaying



Over the weekend, a patron at the Pit and Barrel bar and restaurant on Second Avenue South downtown was fatally shot; police say bar owner Chris Ferrell, 44, admitted to shooting musician Wayne Mills, claiming the killing was self-defense. Police say the investigation continues into the slaying early Saturday morning, though no charges have yet been filed.

In a weird twist, Pit and Barrel (formerly BoondoxXx BBQ & Juke Joint) was the scheduled subject of Sunday's episode of Bar Rescue, a Spike TV show in which host Jon Teffer visits underperforming bars and works with the owner to turn the business around.

After Ferrell (who is NOT the Chris Ferrell who is CEO of Nashville Scene parent company Southcomm) admitted to killing Mills at the bar, Spike TV agreed not to air the new episode featuring the bar. The network managed to replace the prime-time broadcast with a rerun, but the second airing, at midnight CST, went ahead as scheduled.

After outrage from Mills' family and friends, Spike issued an apology:

"In our last minute effort over the weekend to pull the 'Bar Rescue' episode featuring the Pit and Barrel, we regretfully did not remove a late-night telecast of the episode. We apologize to all those affected by the terrible tragedy over the weekend and to Jon Taffer, the production team, and our advertisers for our unfortunate human error."

It doesn't seem like there are always happy endings after Nashville restaurateurs team up with reality shows. Chappy's on Church, for example, closed after it was featured on Gordon's Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

For more on the death of Mills and the reaction from the country music community, check out sister blog Nashville Cream.

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