Nashville Stalwarts Capitol Grille and F. Scott's Roll Out Fresh New Menus for Fall


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When people ask my advice about where to eat out, two places I often recommend without reservation (but not necessarily without reservations) are Capitol Grille and F. Scott's. Their combination of excellent service and inventive farm to table food makes them a safe bet for any meal from a special occasion to just a quick date night out. Although some folks balk at the high fares of the fare, there are bargains to be found, particularly early at Capitol Grille during lunch and late at F. Scott's with their late-night deals.

If you haven't visited either lately, now's your chance as they have both rolled out a host of new menu items for the fall. At the Capital Grille in the Hermitage Hotel, chef Tyler Brown has crafted lunch and dinner dishes that take advantage of their two farms at Glen Leven and Double H Farms, as well as some of the best regional and seasonal ingredients that he has been able to source. Here are some highlights:

Yukon Gold Potato Vichyssoise with pickled leek, oyster sauce and chive (lunch and dinner)

Double H Farms Meatloaf Sandwich with Double H Farms' own beef, grilled onion, arugula and a special sauce (lunch only)

Catfish "Po-Boy" with Napa cabbage slaw, tomato and tartar sauce (lunch only)

Double H Farms Beef Pastrami Sandwich with sauerkraut, park marble rye, russian spread and swiss cheese (lunch only)

Wedge Oak Farms Pork Loin with pumpkin, chestnut and maitake mushroom (lunch and dinner portions available)

Sorghum Glazed Chicken Breast with fall vegetable farrotto and brussels sprouts (lunch only)

Roasted Monkfish with fennel, potato, chervil, house pancetta and piopinni mushroom (dinner only)

Maple Lead Farms Duck Breast with fig, watercress, turnip and brewster oats (dinner only)

Duo of Border Springs Lamb with sea island red pea cassoulet, arugula and pickled fall vegetables (dinner only)

Sweet Potato Ravioli with red dide flour, braised pine nuts, cabbage jam and brown butter (dinner only)

I've personally sampled that catfish po'boy, and it's some of the best fried fish in town. Any dish made from proteins from Wedge Oak or Border Springs is just about guaranteed to be some of the best meat you'll have this year.

At F. Scott's, Chef Kevin Ramquist definitely knows his way around some autumnal ingredients as well. Check out these new dishes which have recently been added to the menu:

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks, Brussels Sprouts, Crispy Potatoes, Potato and Rutabaga Purée

Fairy Tale Pumpkin and Chili Purée, Fresh Mozzarella, Maple Bacon Brown Butter

Braised Lamb Belly, Fall Vegetable Stuffing, Bean Stew, Pumpkin Seed Grilled Radicchio Salad

Acorn Squash and Kale Risotto, Candy Roaster Squash, Butternut Parmesan Broth, Pear Jam

Chef Ramquist is also serving a suckling pig dish that varies as a Chef’s Preparation du Jour and is available based on market price. It's dishes like this that almost make it worth raking all those danged leaves.

P.S. I've also heard that another Nashville favorite that I love to send folks to, Tin Angel, has come out with their new fall menu, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. If you've been there to sample their autumn offerings, feel free to share your impressions in the comments.


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