Nashville Chefs Star as Models in the New Chefwear Catalog



Hal Holden-Baches star turn, autographed, no less.
  • Hal Holden-Bache's star turn, autographed, no less.
I don't remember exactly how I got on the Chefwear mailing list, but I do like to look at the catalog every now and again to see the latest in chef jackets, aprons and those intentionally hideous pants that are so popular in restaurant kitchens. So imagine my surprise when I pulled the latest copy out of my mailbox and saw a familiar face on the cover. "Hey," I thought. "That sorta looks like Hal, but cleaned up."

Sure enough, in the latest, most bizarre episode of Nashville's "It Cityness," the October 2013 Chefwear catalog features Nashville culinary professionals as models throughout the book, and that is Hal Holden-Bache of Lockeland Table on the cover. Among the dozens of other locals included in the book are Martha and Pat Martin of Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint wearing pomegranate and flying pig pants respectively. (Or perhaps, lack of self-respectively in Pat's case ...) Will Borden, the kind man who clears your table at Arnold's, looks snappy in a royal blue short-sleeve chef jacket, and his boss Rose Arnold looks fetching in a purple coat and yoga pants.

Etch is represented by pastry chef Megan Williams, sous chef Kenji Nakagawa and executive chef Deb Paquette, who is also the featured chef on Chefwear's website. Flipping through the pages reveals jaunty photgraphs of other young local talent like Matthew Lackey of Flyte and Jason McConnell from Red Pony, 55 South and Cork and Cow. The photographer must have been particularly enamored of Lockeland Table's Nathan Wells, because he's all over the book.

You don't have to be a pro to buy and use these togs and clogs. Anybody can order from Chefwear's website. I may have to buy me one of these "In the Weeds" T-shirts for when I get behind on deadlines ...

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