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I swear that sometimes it seems like The Cooking Channel should change its name to The Nashville Network because they feature local chefs and restaurants so frequently. In the next few days, two more local favorites will be taking their star turn on the boob tube.

Premiering 8 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15, the "Modern Italian" episode of Unique Eats will feature chef Tandy Wilson and City House. Here's the episode synopsis:

First up, in New York City's Little Italy, restaurants dish out classic Italian-American sandwiches that bring out the kid in all of us. Then, Italian comfort food is paired with beer at gastropub Alla Spina in Philadelphia. Superba Snack Bar in Venice, Calif., crafts their own fresh and dried pastas using unusual ingredients and cooking techniques. Lastly in Nashville, City House puts a Southern twist on Italian sausages and seafood and uses leftover pizza dough to create dumpling-like gnocchi.

Eden Grinshpan, whom you might remember from her international tour of Music City that aired last summer, returns with a new series called Food Fanatics. On Friday, Sept. 20, at 9:30 p.m., Eden hosts an episode titled "Eating Big Cat Trucker Style!" One of her stops is at a Nashville staple:

Premiering Friday, September 20th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT — "Eating Big Cat Trucker Style!"
Eden heads to Houston to visit online food fanatic Rick Sylvester A.K.A. Big Cat Trucker, who takes her to Just Oxtails Soul Food to put a little "south in your mouth." Then, Eden meets popular online food reviewer Stephy Cakes for some delicious takoyaki balls at Otafuku in New York City's East Village neighborhood. Afterwards, she travels to Nashville to meet an online hot chicken aficionado who gets Eden hooked on Bolton's spicy chicken. Finally, Eden tracks down a crazy costume-wearing blogger at Asian pop-up restaurant Starry Kitchen in downtown L.A.

All right, Bitesters, it's time to 'fess up. Is one of you the "online hot chicken aficionado?" We'll find out sooner than later, so you might as well out yourself so we can arrange a viewing party. I can aver that it is not me, and I don't know who the fowliphile is. Any admissions? Any guesses?

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