Imbibe Magazine Lauds Nashville's Liquid Culture


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It's not just Nashville's restaurant scene that is getting all the national attention of late. Imbibe magazine is one of the main organs of the beverage industry, and they have recently pointed their swizzle sticks at Music City.

In a long, exhaustively researched article, Nashville food writer Jennifer Justus (formerly of The Tennessean profiled some of Nashville's best mixologists as well of plenty of folks who prefer to just be called "bartender." The regular hot spots like The Patterson House, Holland House, No. 308, and the newer Music City Tippler garner more well-deserved adulation in the piece, but Justus also spotlights some of our city's best restaurant bars.

City House, Rolf and Daughters, Husk and surprisingly Paradise Park Trailer Resort all make the list of notable dining and drinking destinations. The largest part of the article is dedicated to an in-depth profile of No. 308 co-owners Alexis Soler and Ben Clemons. They have a great back story and are certainly worthy of the attention.

The entire article is available to read online here, or you can look for Imbibe on local newsstands. (You can look for it, but you probably won't find it ...)


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