Boscos Releases Derailleur Ale to Benefit the Fight Against MS



We don't talk enough about Boscos here at Bites. Maybe it's because they're based out of Memphis, but sometimes we forget that Boscos was serving in-house brews years before the current explosion of taprooms. Back then, it was pretty much Market Street, Blackstone and Boscos.

The Hillsboro Village brewpub continues to have a loyal following, and their bar is usually packed whenever I walk by, so they are clearly doing something right. Boscos also sponsors a bicycling team named, predictably, Boscos Cycling. In honor of their team, they have released a special ale for the month of September, named "Derailleur Ale." (For those of you who haven't ridden a bike since you stuck baseball cards in the spokes, derailleurs are the sprockets that move the chain on your bike back and forth to allow you to change gears.)

Derailleur Ale is a light, crisp, hoppy ale that is a nice transition into autumn beers. The cycling team rides to benefit the Mid-South Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and proceeds from the sales of Derailleur Ale during the month of September will also go to that organization. Go try one and do some good. It's a lot easier than riding the Jack and Back!

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