We Have a No Recipe Cookbook Winner!



Thanks to a happy accident, I ended up with an extra copy of The No Recipe Cookbook by Susan Crowther, so I asked y'all to comment on my initial post with your attitude toward "caution to the wind" cooking in your own kitchen.

The old random number generator spun around and came up with the lucky fifth commenter, Leah from the entertaining So, How's it Taste food blog. I'm sure she'll put this fun book to good use, because she seems to already be in the spirit of the venture according to her comment:

I cook by flavor and feeling. I have a hard time following recipes, and in fact am much more likely to screw a dish up if I try. Not to say I never use recipes; I do, but only as a rough guideline.

So Leah, drop me a line at cchamberlain [at] NashvilleScene [dot] com and we'll arrange a handoff of your new book! (Feel free to bring along a jar of that spiced honey as a trade ...)

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