Smoky and the Bandit: Coffee County Sheriff Recovers Stolen Peg Leg Porker BBQ Rig



Thanks to the popularity of Carey Bringle's Peg Leg Porker barbecue restaurant, thousands of folks across Middle Tennessee were on the lookout after his $30,000 mobile barbecue smoker was stolen from his house on Tyne Boulevard on Thursday.

Lets pause for a moment of silent gratitude.
  • Let's pause for a moment of silent gratitude.
A day later, the vigilance has paid off. Bringle posted pictures of the purloined pork rig on Facebook and Twitter (and we did our part here on Bites). Today Bringle told the Scene's Steve Cavendish that he got a call from law enforcement in Manchester saying that after numerous tips triggered by social media, investigators believed they found the rig.

Bringle headed out to Manchester to identify the fancy trailer, which had been stripped of its Peg Leg Porker signage. He'll get it back soon.

The rig was located about 10:30 this morning, Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves told WSMV, adding that arrests are pending in the crime.

It's a pretty serious offense, considering the value of the barbecue trailer. In addition to being a high-end smoker, it has a full Yazoo draft beer system and as well as a stereo system.

Bringle uses this rig for competitive cooking, including last weekend's Music City Festival and BBQ Championship, where his cook team won the "Grand Ole Porker Award" as best local team. He also uses the trailer for catering and charity events.

Here's hoping those lowdown barbecue busters are foiled. Pitmaster Pat Martin lost his rig in a similar theft earlier this year.

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