Et Tu, Bruschetta? A Wrap-Up of the Tomato Art Fest Recipe Contest



Oven-roasted tomato jam on toasted cornmeal scone: my losing entry. Obvs needs bacon.
  • Oven-roasted tomato jam on toasted cornmeal scone: my losing entry. Obvs needs bacon.
As predicted, this year’s competition in the Tomato Art Fest recipe contest was fierce. And, just like the two years prior, I was once again a loser. But unlike the previous years, I knew the winners and actually saw the first-place winner before judging. And I knew it would be the winner. I mean, c’mon. Check out the HO’chetta by Melissa Corbin of Corbin in the Dell. That's a blue-ribbon bruschetta.

And the second-place winner? The OOM-PAH, also by Melissa Corbin (apparently a bruschetta savant).

The third-place prize went to blog-less Mama Nachos, mother of frequent commenter Amanda (@loveandnachos). Her bruschetta was a riff on the BLT. The secret ingredient, I’m told was scandalous: Miracle Whip. Take that, Mayogate. Amanda’s own entry, the Everything Bagel bruschetta earned her a special “Honorable Mention” nod. Interestingly (and by "interestingly," I mean, “not surprisingly” — ha!), her recipe also incorporated a bit of swine flesh.

Another Amanda, of High Heels to Hot Wheels also earned an “Honorable Mention” nod with her Balsamic Bruschetta with Basil Ricotta on Sweet Cornbread Tarts and a some lovin’ for her fine presentation skills.

As for me, my entry was Oven Roasted Tomato Jam on a Savory Sundried Tomato Cornmeal Scone. A break-schetta, if you will. Both elements were very easy to make. Making tomato jam in the oven is, um, the jam. It's never been easier to caramelize onions, either. Anyhoo, regardless of its losing status, I highly recommend both. I also make a version of the scone with roasted red bell pepper, too.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased to learn that a number of the judges’ favorites were vegetarian. Regardless, I’m thinking that whatever the theme is next year, I’m going to top it with some crispy pork belly from InterAsian Market and finally bring home a ribbon.

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