The Guardian of Britain Lists Best Nashville Restaurants, Bars and Music Venues



National and international media stories praising the restaurant scene in Nashville are now so common that one almost has to suppress a yawn when a new one is released.

But some pieces that popped up on Britain's Guardian site over the weekend proved to be a little more interesting than usual. For one thing, the coverage is relatively broad, with four separate lists for Nashville restaurants, bars, music venues and lodging. Furthermore, some of the items go beyond the usual suspects. (For example, Fido in Hillsboro Village got a nod; chef John Stephenson has been creating impressive, locally sourced daily specials for quite a while, but many people still think of Fido strictly in terms of coffee.)

Credit for the restaurant list goes to a Nashvillian who's well-known to many Bites readers: food blogger Beth Sachan. (Her Twitter handle is @BethEats, and her blog is at Read her story here.

The bar list, compiled by Nashville writer-photographer Lindsay Scott, is subtitled, "In Nashville, music is loud, drinks are mixed strong and the locals are the friendliest you'll find in bars anywhere in the US." Scott also put together a list of lodging that skips many of the obvious hotels for more offbeat bed-and-breakfast choices.

And while it edges a closer to Nashville Cream territory than Bites', I've got to make special note of the list of "Top 10 gig venues and music museums in Nashville." Written by my colleague Steve Haruch, culture editor at the Scene, it's a list I'm going to keep handy for weekends when I want to expand horizons or entertain out-of-towners. Again, it's pretty eclectic. I wonder how many times the underground club named The Owl Farm on Dickerson Pike has been mentioned in a mainstream daily.

The Nashville lists are part of a larger Guardian package titled "Roadtrips USA: Chicago to Memphis," so you can also consult pieces on Chicago, Louisville, Memphis and more.

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