'Oysters in the Round' at the Weekly Open Thread



  • Ron Manville
On Tuesday, Aug. 27, The Southern Steak and Oyster is dropping the "steak" from its name for one night. They'll be holding their second "Oysters in the Round" event, a festive evening of oyster tasting and wine tasting. Each course will be introduced by Erin Byers Murray, the author of Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster Farm. Murray's book, which just came out in paperback, tells the story of how she quit her cushy urban job and lifestyle to experience the life of an oyster farmer for 18 months. So she clearly knows what she's talking about when it comes to bivalves.

The event will be held in the private Demonbreun dining room at The Southern with stations set up to sample various varieties of oysters and grilled oysters passed on trays. Chef Matt Farley of the Southern will be creating the oyster dishes and Horizon Wine and Spirits are bringing wines to pair. Here's the menu:

1) Island Creek Oysters prepared raw with Szechuan mango mignonette — paired with Saint Hilaire Brut

2) Beausoleil Oysters prepared raw — paired with St. Francis White Splash

3) Wellfleet Oysters prepared raw with watercress and pickled daikon — paired with Maso Canali Pinot Grigio

4) Cooks Cove Oysters prepared raw with grapefruit mostarda — paired with Starborough Sauvignon Blanc

5) Blue Point Oysters chargrilled with melon and proscuitto — paired with Sweet Moscato

If it makes you feel better to call this month "Rawgust," go ahead. But you really don't have to worry about that old "only eat oysters in months with R's" adage when you're talking about fresh oysters that have been properly handled since harvest.

The first "Oysters in the Round" event sold out in 24 hours, and tickets for the Aug. 27 event went on sale yesterday at the event website, so don't clam up! Get on it if you want to attend.

Meanwhile, this festival of bivalves got us thinking. Bites Nation, what's your favorite kind of oyster? Do you like them from the gulf, Pacific or East Coast? And what kind of preparation — raw in the shell, grilled or perhaps baked with butter and other goodies a la Rockefeller?

Also, this is the Open Thread, so come out of your shell and share whatever's on your mind.

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