Giving iGozen's Fruit and Veggie Cleaner a Shot



Now, it's not like you're liable to catch a case of tourist's tummy while dining in Nashville, but it's probably a good idea to consider how you wash your vegetables and fruit.

Carefully selecting where you buy your produce can help reduce the risk of chemicals and microscopic beasties on the surface of your food, but it never hurts to take extra precautions.

I received a sample of an interesting product from a company called iGozen. In addition to 100 percent natural household cleaner, they also offer spray bottles of fruit/vegetable and meat cleaners that they claim can eliminate 99.9 percent of e. coli and salmonella bacteria. I didn't do any lab tests, but they did seem to do an effective job of cleaning the schmutz off of the lettuces and apples that I tried my bottle on. They didn't seem to add any taste to the produce, so that's a good thing too.

The cleaning agent is a fine calcium powder made from crushed seashells, which apparently have some sort of anti-bacterial properties in addition to their cleaning abilities. One of the applications that they specifically recommend using their household cleaner on is to clean up your cutting boards. That's something I can definitely get behind. As much as I try to use different boards for meat and vegetables, sometimes I get a little lax. So any assistance in ensuring that the boards are as safe as possible is always appreciated.

The cleaners are available from iGozen's website and run between $13-$20 for kits that include a spray bottle and envelopes of powder to use as refills. How about you Bitesters? Do you think you wash your produce adequately? Any tips or other products to recommend?

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