Barbecue Guru Carey Bringle Set to Introduce a Tennessee Bourbon Under the Peg Leg Porker Brand



Carey Bringle, the veteran pitmaster who opened the Peg Leg Porker barbecue restaurant in the Gulch earlier this summer, is getting ready to introduce a very interesting product under the Peg Leg Porker brand — Tennessee bourbon.

That’s right, bourbon — not whiskey — from Tennessee. My colleague Steve Cavendish got all the details from the Porker’s mouth. Bringle said he’s been wanting to add bourbon to the Peg Leg portfolio for some time, and friends at liquor distributor Best Brands helped him find the right supply of bourbon to purchase and bottle under the Peg Leg name.

Bringle said it’s 90-proof, straight bourbon whiskey made in Tennessee, checking off various points that qualify it as a bourbon. The product is 51 percent corn, aged six to eight years in new oak barrels that have been charred.

Not being a fan of Tennessee whiskey, Bringle touts the smoothness of this bourbon, which he said fits in with the “men’s lifestyle brand” he’s cultivating under the Peg Leg Porker name.

It’s a limited run that will amount to about 6,000 bottles; SpeakEasy Spirits is doing the bottling. The bourbon will be introduced next month at Best Brands’ holiday trade show, with statewide distribution planned

A version of this story ran in the current (and final) issue of The City Paper and online in the Nashville Post.

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