File This Away for Christmas Shopping Needs: Batch Nashville


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Tired of putting together gift bags of locally sourced goods to show off your hometown's riches? Or tired of setting out to do just that, only to say the hell with it before clicking on Amazon?

A new service called Batch Nashville means to function as your combination concierge, curator and personal shopper. For $25 a month or $60 per season (or quarter), Batch will deliver an assortment of locally made goodies whose combined value equals or comes in even lower than the retail price.

Rob Williams, a former Scene art director whose graphic prowess is all over the site's design, launched the company today in partnership with Sam Davidson and Stephen Mosley, best known for the Cool People Care project and the accompanying "We Are Nashville" flood shirts. In the site's first 24 hours, he says, there have already been 50 sign-ups.

"We've gotten really good feedback," Williams says. The surprise so far has been how much of Batch's business is coming from out-of-towners, many of them homesick former Nashvillians.

The first delivery will be in September. Each delivery will have a theme: first up is "Rise and Shine," which will include goods such as coffee, bakery items from one of the city's best sweet shops, etc. Williams is being deliberately vague about who's participating, as surprise will be one of Batch's selling points for locals. If all goes well, Batch could solve a lot of people's Christmas shopping dilemmas.

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