The Weekly Open Thread: Where's the Best Place in Nashville to Buy Seafood?



I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but I spent 10 years living on the East Coast, in Rhode Island and New York City, and I recall a time when I had made up my mind that I would never again live somewhere that wasn't on a coast. Whether it was the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf of Mexico, I always wanted major water nearby.

For one thing, I love the ocean — the sounds, the views, the smells, the mystique. And for another, I love seafood.

Obviously, my dedication to the cause of coastal living waned: For the last 15 years, I've lived in landlocked Nashville. Frankly, I love it here, and have no plans of leaving. But I do miss all the fresh seafood I used to eat.

So I ask you, hallowed readers of the Bites, where do you get your seafood? I realize a lot of stuff sold here has been frozen somewhere in the process. But where in (or near) Nashville have you had the best luck? I have a couple of regular spots, but I'm not thrilled with any of them, and I'm not going to name names because I want you to consider my query untainted by suggestion. Perhaps there's a source I haven't tried!

And what else is happenin', folks?

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