Corn on the Cob Just Got Even Easier



I present to you, via Nicki P. Wood, some good advice about cooking corn on the cob.

Short version: cook your fresh (as in, right off the back of the truck) corn in the cob whilst still in the husk. No more shucking. It works. Though, because I have a very powerful microwave and didn't want to waste an ear that might turn to popcorn, I cooked one ear at three minutes and then two ears for five minutes. Both times, the silks came off cleanly, though I was not able to just shake the corn out of the husk. The important thing is that I had perfectly cooked corn that was completely free of silks and I spent very little energy getting them that way.

A few notes for those of you who plan to try this at home (and you should). First, check for worms. Organic corn, in particular will usually have a worm inside munching away at the top of the cob. I think it's best to remove him before microwaving. And wash off any of his leavings. Second, if your corn is a few days off the farm, go ahead and wrap a wet paper towel around it for a little added moisture. Again, you want delicious corn on the cob, not popcorn.


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