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You may remember Plumgood Food, the grocery delivery service that had a good run in town during the middle of the Aughts. Ultimately, the economic downturn hammered them in 2008 and led them to close down at the end of that year.

Now a new service called The Drop has stepped into the space. they describe their model as your "personal grocery shopping and delivery service that simplifies your to-do list and gives you your weekends back. We strive to choose the freshest foods available and deliver them within hours of purchase. Our goal is to bring the local grocery store to you, plain and simple".

The company even promises to help you with your menu planning with an online recipe depository and meal planner coming soon. They have chosen some of Nashville's favorite shopping destinations to source from, and their fees seem pretty reasonable for a busy Nashvillian on the go who doesn't want to spend time pushing a cart around. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Set up an account and decide how often you would like your groceries delivered.

Step 2: Choose which stores you would like deliveries from: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Harris Teeter or Target.

Step 3: Fill out a shopping list in your account, remember to set your staple items so you don't have to add them next time.

Step 4: The Drop does the rest! Based on your settings, we will contact you to schedule your delivery day. You delivery day will always be the same day of the week at the frequency you request. The Drop will hand pick your groceries that day and deliver them to your address.

The pricing structure is a little complicated, but doesn't seem too onerous:

Monthly Membership $0.00
• Weekly scheduled deliveries from one store $29.00/per Drop
• Add an extra store for $10.00/per Drop
• Option to Drop if you can’t be home $5.00/per Drop
• Final grocery list needs to be submitted by 3 p.m. the day before
• Total shopping bill not to exceed $300. 15% of shopping bill charge for orders over $300

If you're not ready to make a commitment yet, but you'd still like to try out the service, individual shopping trips and drop-offs can be arranged for $39 for non-members. At $3.50-plus per gallon for gas, and who knows what hourly rate you apply to your own time, it might very well be worth checking out.

Of course I live a block from a Teeter, so I shop for dinner every day with a little hemp grocery bag like a Manhattanite visiting his local bodega. Please don't laugh at me while you imagine that ...

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