This Week's Dining Column Samples Nashville's Best Summer Drinks



The Porch Pounder at City House
  • The Porch Pounder at City House
In this week's Dining column in the Scene, Abby White packs up her favorite slurping straw and visits the best spots in town to get a summer beverage, whether spicy and spiked or sweetly kid-friendly.

As she explains it:

Whether you're craving an adult beverage or searching for something to quench your inner child's thirst, Nashville has plenty to offer. In the name of research, I rounded up some thirsty friends, and we ventured out to find the best summer drinks and the best places in which to enjoy them.

Some of the drinks she samples include the Porch Pounder at City House (endorsed by Zane Lamprey of Drinking Made Easy), the Chubby Checker milkshake at Bobbie's Dairy Dip, and the ginger phosphate (with jalapeƱo, ginger syrup and phosphoric acid for fizz) at The Pharmacy.

What do you say, Bites folks? Got a favorite for whistle-wetting in the summer months?

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