Etch's Deb Paquette Featured on Heritage Radio Network



It's nice to see that chef Deb Paquette of Etch is getting a little national pub, since we've considered her a local hero around here for years. Last week, Paquette was interviewed for almost an hour on Heritage Radio Network's Community Sessions. You can hear the whole show here, but the highlights were Deb discussing how she created the wonderfully eclectic menu at Etch, the growth of the restaurant community of Nashville and how she still regularly experiments with recipes and food to keep herself stimulated. Actually the best part was listening to the guy that interviewed her and trying so hard not to think of the old SNL character Pete Schweddy. (Check out Deb and the host in the picture below.)

Paquette confirmed what many of has believed for years, but which I was never able to articulate so eloquently. "My goal is to cook food that people can't make in their homes, so when people eat it, they do the 'happy dance.' "

Well put, Chef Deb!

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