Night Market Returns Downtown, and Here's a Handy Tool to Find More Farmers Markets Across the U.S.



As George Benson famously sang (before most of you whippersnappers were even born), "Give Me the Night!" That's right, Night Market has returned to the Nashville Farmers' Market with the next installment kicking off this Friday, June 21, at 5 p.m. Expect the usual suspects of live music and plenty of food, drinks and fun. The farm side of the market will feature local produce, meats, cheeses and more, while the Market House restaurants and shops will be open special hours with special menus. Some of the Market House merchants who normally sell only on Saturdays will be open especially for Night Market attendees on Friday. The Plant/Crafter/Seasonal shed will also have local delights and special guests, and the Flea Market side will be open to regular merchants. The Grow Local Kitchen will be cooking all night, so plan to drop by and say hello. The fun runs until 8 p.m.

If that's not enough market for you, there's a new website set up by the USDA to help you research farmers markets across the country. Although the site is by no means sexy or exhaustively researched, it's not bad for gub'mint work. If you want a tool to help plan your travel outside of the area or maybe to discover a new small market that you haven't visited yet, then the USDA Market Search tool might do the trick. If you know of a market that isn't listed, you might encourage them to register themselves on the site to help flesh it out a little bit too.

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