Hungry for Sourdough: How-to and When-to?



Back in the very early '90s, there was a woman in Paris, Tenn., who made the most exquisite sourdough bread. She made it only during certain months of the year, and if you didn’t get any at that time, you were just out of luck. My stepgrandmother would buy multiple loaves, freeze them and then serve on them on special occasions or give them as gifts. They were that good.

Even a dedicated carnivore loved, loved that bread. As in, my cat, Eddie. I had warmed some for a meal at home one night and he jumped up on the table and started eating the bread right off the plate. When I yelled at him, he dragged it to the floor and tucked it under his body to ensure I wouldn’t get it back from him. I had to fight a cat over a piece of bread!*

Anyway, this post over at Sweet Betweens reminded me of that bread (and that incident). Problem is, I can’t remember what time of year this lady used to make the bread. I really think it was mid-spring, when it was humid and the temperature didn’t get much above 60 degrees. Though she only made her bread once a year, late October seems to fit that description fairly well. When I consulted the Google, I didn’t find out much other than what conditions aren’t good for making the bread (high temperatures). There’s a lot of science out there, too, about how the temperature and humidity level can affect the taste. And a lot of that is based on personal preference.

What say you, Bitesters? Has anyone made sourdough at home (in this part of Tennessee)? Where’d you get your starter? Or did you make your own? And did you base your timing on the weather or have any issues? I don’t plan to make any myself, but I’m hoping to score a loaf if I can help Alexandra out.

*The cat prevailed.

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