Nashville Wine Auction Hosts Grand Cru Party at the House of Rayna Jaymes



Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the season cliffhanger episode of Nashville yet or read Adam Gold's piece on the possibility that actress Connie Britton has intimated that she might prefer not commuting to our fair city to continue her role, then you might not be aware of the fact that her character Rayna Jaymes could conceivably be on her way out. (Not gonna happen, IMHO.)

But just in case that Rayna does move to the big Opry in the sky or that ABC decides to shoot the series entirely on green screen in the studio lot where they staged the moon landings, you might not want to miss out on an upcoming opportunity to visit the mansion that serves as her home on the show. The Nashville Wine Auction has put together a fun new event which they are calling The Grand Cru Evening. The cocktail party will recognize the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Underwriting Committee of this years 34th Annual l’Eté du Vin, which will be themed, "Pour de France."

Patrons will gather at the tony home of Sylvia Roberts, which was featured as the Casa de Rayna, even though producers did apparently build some replica sets to accommodate their crazy filming schedule. The event will offer the first opportunity to preview the Nashville Wine Auction Catalog while tasting some outrageous wines. I've heard rumors of some special entertainment too, but that remains unconfirmed. Trust me, it'll be great!

The Grand Cru Evening will be held on Thursday, June 20, starting at 6 p.m., and the dress code is glitz and boots. For more info and to buy tickets, contact the Nashville Wine Auction at 615-329-1760 or visit the event's registration website.

If you cannot attend but still would like to contribute to the Nashville Wine Auction to assist in its efforts to help fund the fight against cancer, you can do so directly here.

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