Enjoy Small Plates and Big Pours at Fleming's



Sometimes I like to act like a big spender, despite the fact that I have been described as occasionally being a little tight. (Although the rumor of moths flying out of my wallet is patently untrue. It only happened once.) So whenever I see a deal from one of the big steakhouses like the Palm, Morton's or Fleming's, it usually piques my interest. I have a group of friends who are quite fond of the occasional big-shot night, and our code to gather for drinks and apps at one of the beefatoriums is usually a text or voicemail simply stating "moo?"

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar on West End is currently offering a pretty darned moo-worthy deal right now with their "Small Plates and Big Pours" promotion. For $24.95 you can pick from a list of filling, but less than meal-sized, plates, which include sliced filet mignon, shrimp skewers, lamb chops, short ribs, ahi tuna, scallops or lobster tempura. Each dish is paired with an oversized pour of a wine specifically chosen from their "Fleming's 100" list that pairs well with each dish.

The short ribs are accompanied by a big California cabernet from B.R. Cohn which is already a favorite of mine. For lighter fare on a hot summer day, the scallops are paired with a nice grassy Russian River Valley sauvignon blanc from Hanna which I have enjoyed on more than one occasion, so I know it will be nice with seafood.

These deals are available at the Fleming's bar, which is usually a pretty hoppin' spot and which doesn't require reservations. As the weather encourages people to get out and about more, and the kiddies are out of school and clogging up some of the tables at our favorite restaurants, this might be a nice way to treat yourself to a nice meal for about the same price as a trip to Logan O'Charleybees.

Go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve it! Moo.

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