The Treehouse Restaurant and Bar to Spring Up in Five Points



A new restaurant is opening this summer in Five Points, and it’s got some charming backstory. The Treehouse aims to tap into the energy and nightlife of present-day Five Points, but also has roots in the neigh- borhood’s past and its musical history.

The Treehouse is going into a little vintage house (seen below in an image courtesy of Google Maps) located at 1011 Clearview Ave. about half a block from the Walnut Exchange building that houses Marché. The new restaurant is the project of entrepreneur Corey Ladd, who actually grew up in the house — it’s owned by his grandfather, legendary fiddler Buddy Spicher. (Spicher’s studio, The Fiddle House, used to be next door at 1009 Clearview; that building is now an acoustic string shop, repairing and selling fiddles galore.)

Ladd told me he doesn’t want to spill too many details about the restaurant yet, but The Treehouse will be small (around 44 seats). The cuisine will be based on fresh local ingredients and “the menu will flow as the season changes.”

Particularly welcome is Ladd’s plan to serve food late into the evening, and be a non-smoking venue. (Despite all the bars and restaurants in Five Points, that niche isn’t really filled in the neighborhood yet.)

Ladd said his team is taking time with the renovation, trying to make sure it fits in with the historic neighborhood. (One recent discovery hidden behind a mantle: a 1940s utility bill. Apparently a long-ago homeowner owed $3.17 to NES.)

The Treehouse aims to open at 1011 Clearview sometime in August. You can follow the progress on its Facebook page.

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