Amerigo Wine Tasting Series: Still the Best Deal in Town



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If you haven’t been to any (or all) of the wine tastings at Amerigo, you are really missing out. They’ve changed things just a bit since they first started, but it is still the best wine tasting event in the area. No; region. Perhaps even the country.

Here’s the deal: For just $15 (per person), you get tastings of four wines (full glasses, friends) plus small plates specially prepared to go with the evening’s lineup of wines. The wine selections generally have a theme, too. For example, we went to a tasting a couple of weeks ago that featured two wines each from two Washington state wineries (Hedges Family Estate and Gordon Estate). The first appetizer was a spring salad with strawberries, goat cheese and walnuts. The second was a butternut squash ravioli with pancetta cream sauce (I had the sage butter sauce instead). In addition to all that, when you stay for dinner, you get 20 percent off your meal. See what I mean about a deal?

Generally speaking, when you attend one of their tastings, you sit in the bar area. The first one I went to quite a while back was rather quiet, but their events have gained quite a bit of popularity, so the atmosphere in the bar during this last tasting was fairly lively. It's also not a particularly kid-friendly event. However, when I lamented via Twitter about having no babysitter, the official Amerigo Twitterer helpfully suggested that we sit at a booth in the dining room instead. That way, we could enjoy the wine tasting and the little one could color or play. What? Have my wine and toddler, too? Why, thank you very much! (I assume many parents would agree that wine and children have a sort of chicken/egg thing going). So that’s what we did. The little one happily ate a pizza and played with crayons while we had our wine tasting and a couple of extra appetizers. We also ordered some gelato (Bravo Gelato!) which made for a happy kid and even happier parents. We all had a lovely time.

The wine tastings take place at both the Cool Springs and Nashville/West End locations and are not an organized, group event. As in, show up when you can (starting at 5:30 p.m. in Cool Springs and 6 p.m. in Nashville) and have the tasting at your leisure. Details about the tastings are available on their website, but the best idea (in order to make plans, particularly if you prefer not to attend with your kids) is to get on their mailing list. This month’s tasting is happening this week — tomorrow night in Cool Springs and Wednesday night in Nashville — and features wines from the Francis Ford Coppola winery.

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