Cinco de Mayo at Old Chicago? Works for Me!


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I recently made my first trip down to Cool Springs to eat at Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom in search of some real deep-dish pizza. While it wasn't quite up to snuff with what I've enjoyed in the Windy City, Old Chicago does make a pretty good pie if you stay away from the lunch buffet. But the quest continues. (BTW — has anyone tried their little possibly-trademark-infringing brother?)

One plus I did discover at Old Chicago was their long menu of craft beers, which isn't that surprising when you realize that they are owned by Craftworks, the company behind Big River and Rock Bottom. With 110 different brew options, they encourage regulars to take a World Beer Tour, which they will track and reward you with a spot in The Famous Wall of Foam once you've completed the circuit.

If you just want to dip your toe in the beer and not commit to the entire global sojourn, Old Chicago is offering a mini tour of Mexico between now and Cinco de Mayo. The tour actually started on April 10, so apologies for the late notice, but I imagine that Bitesters have always been better at cramming for exams anyway. Here are the pertinent details:

During the Mini Tour, Old Chicago will serve up Mexican beers which include: Dos Equis Amber, Corona, Pacifico, Negra Modelo, Tecate and Modelo Especial as well as two manager’s choice selections.

“Mexico has a long tradition of brewing and we’re excited to offer up a wide range of imports at Old Chicago. For those who like a light pilsner they may enjoy Pacifico and for those who opt for a rich, full-bodied beer that resembles a lager, they may like Dos Equis Amber,” said Stuart Melia, VP of Beverage for CraftWorks.

Members of the Old Chicago World Beer Tour who complete the Cinco de Mayo Mini Tour by drinking all eight designated beers, will receive the special Mini Tour T-shirt. The t-shirt is a limited edition design voted on by World Beer Tour members. If members complete a second Mini Tour they can receive another limited-edition shirt with a different design, a first for the Old Chicago Mini Tour program.

Eight beers in five days? You can pull this off. Olé!


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