Nashville Palm Features 'Modern Power Lunch'


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I don't want to jinx it, but as I type this the Dow Jones is trading within a few percentage points of its all-time high. So somebody out there must be making some money, particularly in the financial world. It stands to reason that now might be a good time for fat cats (and anybody who likes a splurge every now and then) to start treating themselves to a really nice upscale lunch every now and again.

As always, downtown steakhouse the Palm stands ready to serve anyone who wants to be treated like a high roller at midday. While it is a great spot for a big business lunch, the Palm is also fine for tourists or locals alike who just want a little pampering and a fine meal no matter whether they are wearing Armani or a Big Kenny hat. (But seriously, leave the Big Kenny hat at home if you're going out in public.)

The Modern Power Lunch at the Palm offers a three-course meal for diners, including main course offerings such as chicken parmigiana, Atlantic salmon fillet, chef’s fresh fish special of the day or two 4-ounce filet mignon medallions.

Each of these main-course options are served with the diner’s choice of soup or salad, a single-portion side, and dessert for $25.90. If that's too steep for your budget or you're just unwilling to sell a share of Marathon Oil for lunch, the Palm also has some more affordable sandwich offerings that look interesting.

First off is a Nova Scotia lobster BLT. Now, I personally might want to wait for July when the "T" might be a little better, but the lobster, the B and the L might force me to jump the seasonal gun. Perhaps while we wait for summer, you might honor our intelligence community's recent successes by trying the "Cloak and Dagger" sandwich, which includes pastrami brisket, Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing. I'm not sure where the spy reference comes from other than maybe Russian dressing, but it does sound like a good sandwich.

In addition to their excellent burgers, the Palm has also introduced three "quick and simple" lunch options offering combinations of soup, salad and sandwiches served quickly for diners who need to get back to work checking their portfolios. So brown bag it a couple times next week and treat yourself to a nice meal during lunchtime. You deserve it.

The Palm Restaurant
140 Fifth Ave. S.


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