Big Juicy News Part II: The Juice Bar Opens Today in Brentwood



Last week, I stopped in at The Juice Bar — a new, well, juice bar in Brentwood — for a sneak peek at the offerings. I was pretty excited about it once I heard that the former proprietor of Veggieland in Atlanta, Vui Hunt co-owns and runs The Juice Bar with her husband, John. I became familiar with Veggieland through The Traveling Vegetarian, who filmed an interview Vui there years ago (check out Yvonne's interview with Vui on The Traveling Vegetarian site).

Since shutting down Veggieland, Vui and her husband have been busy with work, travel, and having a family. They decided to move to Nashville (John’s hometown) a while back and got the itch to ditch the corporate life and get back into food service, albeit with a more focused vision. Some favorites from the Veggieland days will make it into the store — in particular, Vui’s popular Vietnamese spring rolls and accompanying sauces as well as some gluten-free and healthy salads — but the main feature will be the juices and smoothies.

During the preview, I got to sample several of the beverages. I passed on the “Mean Greens” juice (I don’t do jalapenos), but thoroughly enjoyed the “Bunny Love” (carrot, apple, lemon and ginger). I also enjoyed the “Blue Choclotta” and the “Mint to Be” smoothies (note: the mint’s not too strong on that last one, fortunately; it’s very reminiscent of a mango lassi with just a hint of mint and coconut). I finished it all off with a “Grand Slam,” which is a shot of wheatgrass juice followed with a ginger shot and a pineapple juice shot. My taste buds were awake, y’all.

Of course, Vui was also nice enough to whip up a bunch of her spring rolls (and the white sauce!) as well as a quinoa salad, so I gotta say, I left pretty stuffed. It was all fantastic. And it’s all made with either organic or all-natural ingredients, much of which is provided by local farms, including Delvin Farms and Bloomsbury Farm. Additionally, since The Juice Bar opens at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday, they’ll serve coffee from Roast Inc. and have parfaits and muffins and other breakfast items and snacks (all gluten-free).

The Juice Bar officially opens for business today. Other important details: free wi-fi is available and there are also a few tables outside for enjoying your juices al fresco.

The Juice Bar
128 Pewitt Drive
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday

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