McNamara's Named No. 1 Irish Pub (In the World?)


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Now don't get me wrong. I love me some McNamara's fish and chips. This Donelson Irish bar has quickly become a real favorite among locals seeking out great Irish music, well-poured pints and maybe even a wee dram. But even I had to raise an eyebrow when I saw that it had been voted No. 1 Irish Pub in the World by a magazine called Ireland of the Welcomes. The magazine describes itself as "the only Irish-based glossy magazine aimed at the 70 million strong Irish diaspora worldwide," and claims almost 200,000 readers, so certainly they know better than I do.

Owner Sean McNamara and his staff must have created quite a "get out the vote" campaign for the magazine's readers poll, and we should certainly be proud of their recognition. McNamara commented,"This is an amazing honor for McNamara's. We have worked really hard to bring a true authentic Irish pub to this part of the country. It is a great achievement for all our team as well as our patrons."

I did do a little deeper research and discovered that according to Ireland of the Welcomes, when they're talking about "the world," they don't include Ireland. That seems to make a lot more sense considering that The Cock in Gormanstown has been run by 21 generations of the McCabe family since the late 14th century.

Here's hoping that McNamara's will have many more years of success and recognition. Sláinte!

McNamara's Irish Pub and Restaurant
2740 Old Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 885-7262


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