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Vermouth gets a bad rap thanks to all those hackneyed old martini jokes about pouring a snort of gin and whispering "vermouth" over the rim of the glass or merely bowing toward France. With all due respect to Churchill, who popularized the straight gin martini, without vermouth it's not a martini. It's just a glass of cold gin. While that's fine and good and may get you where you want to go, vermouth is what makes it a genuine cocktail.

Sweet or dry vermouths are aromatic fortified wines which add unique botanicals to cocktails. Traditionally, the best vermouths have come from France or Italy, but a new American company is seeking to change the game. Atsby Vermouth is based out of New York and wants to disprove the old idea that the base wine of the product needed to be bland and that all the secrets were in the botanicals added. They wanted to make a vermouth that could stand on its own as an apertif and also be an excellent addition to a cocktail recipe.

To that end, they created two new products: a drier blond vermouth named Amberthorn and a sweeter version they call Armadillo Cake. (Like in Steel Magnolias.) Now Atsby has finally made their way to Nashville and they're throwing a glitzy launch party for industry professionals. However, along with the good folks at, they've promised two pairs of tickets for lucky Bites readers. See below for all the details of the shindig — and all you have to do to win is leave your favorite vermouth cocktail in the comments. Personally, I like a Perfect Manhattan with both sweet and dry vermouth and a nice spicy rye. We'll draw the winners on Monday, March 11, and notify the lucky winos then. Watch this space for news.

Join Us for the Launch of Atsby New York Vermouth,
A New Line of Intensely Flavored Vermouths
Handcrafted in America, on Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Abandon any notion of Vermouth being bland! Join us to experience the launch of Atsby New York Vermouth in Tennessee. Its blonde version, Amberthorn, and a slightly sweeter bourbon-hued Armadillo Cake, both differ from their European counterparts and use bold, flavorful and unconventional ingredients from New York State and around the globe. These highly aromatic yet nuanced New Vermouths represent a fundamental rethinking of the long-neglected Vermouth category and can be sipped and enjoyed neat, chilled, on the rocks or mixed in a favorite cocktail.

Adam Ford, creator of Atsby New York Vermouth, will lead us through a tasting of the vermouths.

Jeremiah Blake, Head Bartender at Holland House Bar and Refuge, will serve four new vermouth cocktails

Adam became a fan of artisanal vermouth while hiking on the Tour Du Mont Blanc in Italy. Inspired, he established his own company, Rhys & Rylee, with one goal: to create a revolutionary new style of American vermouth sourced from the best local ingredients found in his native state of New York and beyond.


Wednesday, March 13, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Holland House Bar and Refuge
935 W Eastland Avenue, Nashville, TN

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