The Weekly Open Thread, High Beer Tax Edition




Yazoo Brewing Co., in collaboration with Calfkiller Brewing out of Sparta, Tenn., is getting ready to release their newest brew: The Beacon — A Tennessee High Tax Ale. (That is, if they can get the feds to approve the dang label.) The Yazoo folks are clearly a little miffed by Tennessee's beer tax, which they say is the highest in the nation — so miffed, in fact, that they have a Fix the Beer Tax website.

An excerpt:

Tennessee has the highest beer tax rate in the nation, 12% higher than No. 2 Alaska, and rising higher every year. It is so high that if you cut it in half, it would still be the 11th highest. The current law, enacted in the 1950s, taxes beer based on price rather than volume, making Tennessee one of only two states in the country that burdens its businesses — and ultimately its consumers — this way.

Me, I'm not a beer drinker. (I know — that's MY problem.) But it does seem a little excessive. What say ye, Bitesters? Is it exorbitant? If so, where is it on your List of Things to Be Indignant About? Just below overpriced ramen?

If nothing else, the tax has spurned an amusing beer bottle label, right?

This is the Open Thread. What else ya got?

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