One More Day Left to Enter the Nashville Scene Photo Contest



We're not sure how to proceed with this announcement. Should we act like the submissions for the Scene's third annual Photo Contest are nothing but kittens and sunsets, in hopes you'll cry "I can beat that!" and grab your camera? Or should we pass along that Scene art director Elizabeth Jones says she's never seen such a profusion of strong entries? We don't want to psych anybody out, but this year folks are definitely bringing their A game instead of B roll.

And yet the competition is still wide open — at least until midnight Friday, the deadline for submissions. Did you capture a show, a city landmark or a local character in a never-to-be duplicated moment? Did you catch something on film that basically serves as a visual punch line to the "You Are So Nashville If ..." contest? Did you photograph something that sums up the city in a single image? Did you snap a shot and think, "I love this dirty town"? Those are images we want to see.

You have until Friday to submit up to five entries, at $5 entry fee apiece. Click here for more information. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

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