We've Got a Winner of the Brew Like a Pro Contest!


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A couple weeks back, I told you all about Blackstone's head brewmaster Dave Miller's new home brewing book, Brew Like a Pro. I also promised a free copy to a lucky Bites reader who shared his or her favorite local beer options. Well, our winner is "ryan," whose shift key is apparently nonfunctional, or maybe he's a big e.e. cummings fan. Anyway small-r ryan shared his list of crafty favorites:

Blackstone Nut Brown, Yazoo Pale, Fall Lager, and Rye Saison, any Calfkiller beer, Mayday Angry Redhead, Turtle Anarchy Another Way to Rye

So I've got a copy of Miller's book waiting for you, ryan. Just email me at cchamberlain [at] nashvillescene [dot] com and we'll arrange for delivery. Congratulations!


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