M. Restaurant: This Week's Dining Review



Kale salad at M.
In this week's Dining column, Scene restaurant critic Carrington Fox visits M. Restaurant, the "sleek, elegant tablecloth restaurant" in Cummins Station.

Fox notes that there's been a lot of new restaurant activity in the neighborhood lately. The owners of M. (the Strawn family, the folks behind Macke's in Green Hills and Mack & Kate's in Franklin) also have a market and deli a few doors down from M. Restaurant. And Coffee, Lunch is thriving across the street, and Salsa Puerto Rican and Latin Cuisine is opening soon just down the block at 818 Palmer Ave. (Not to mention the other parts of downtown, the Gulch and Midtown that are teeming with new and upcoming dining and imbibing spots.)

By way of explanation for all this activity, Fox take the reader on a little stroll along 10th Avenue South at Cummins Station:

There, now. Can you see it? A few blocks in the distance? That's no moon. It's not even a space station. It's the Music City Center.

Yes, that immense architectural juggernaut (our new favorite Nashville word) is the upcoming convention center. And it's heralded no end of discussion and hubbub in the dining and hospitality community of Nashville, and the issue was even mentioned this week by The New York Times.

Fox finds "a lot to like" at M. Restaurant. Check out her review here.

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