Weekly Open Thread Wants to Know Your New Year's Resolution



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  • Photo: sheknows.com
Happy New Year, Bites readers!

Anyone got any New Year's resolutions?

Giving up wheat? Sugar? Alcohol? Caffeine? Rutabagas?

Anyone committing to eating more meals at home? Buying local? Going to The Catbird Seat every Thursday night? Having more dinner parties? Inviting me to said dinner parties?

Anyone about to start the Master Cleanse? The South Beach Diet? Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Hot yoga? Cold yoga? Lukewarm yoga? The Step Diet? The Paleo Diet?

And in all seriousness, has anyone tried the Paleo Diet? I confess a little curiosity. I know someone who had various ailments including arthritis, and she said the Paleo Diet changed her life. Not sure I could really do it. Giving up cheese is a dreadful thought.

Anyone have any great New Year's Eve dinners, out or at home? Any other restaurant buzz?

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