BuzzBallz, For the Lazy Drinker



I don't know about y'all, but one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more efficient with my time. Between heading to the YMCA every morning to try to slow my inexorable growth to Mr. Creosote size thanks to the dangers of my vocation and trying to read the entire Internet every day, I barely have time to mix myself a drink anymore. Fortunately, a solution is right at hand. And in hand.

BuzzBallz are the latest in a growing line of premixed cocktails that seem to be taking up more and more room on liquor store shelves. Unlike the traditional malt beverage-based coolers of old, BuzzBallz are actually made with 100 percent real fruit juices mixed with rum, vodka, gin or tequila. This means you won't find them in a grocery store, which is a good sign. Leave those malt drinks alone. Or am I the only one that has bad memories of Champale and Boone's Farm? I doubt it.

BuzzBallz are made with less sugar than most ready-to-drink products and come in 17-20 proof, so they're probably closer to a drink you'd actually make for yourself. In an interesting marketing strategy, they advertise that the little grenade-sized and shaped cans actually float, making them perfect for your next trip down a lazy river in an inner tube next summer. Or you can bob for them in your cooler, your choice.

The available flavors do give in to the cute naming syndrome and include Lotta Colada, Stiff Lemonade, Cranberry Chiller and Lime Rita Chiller. But for the convenience and use of real ingredients, I'll let the silly names slide. Now all we have to do is hunker down and wait for warmer weather!

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