Otaku South Ramen Pop-Up at Stone Fox Jan. 12



The above video was shot at the last Otaku South event at Barista Parlor

Otaku South, the roving ramen pop-up enterprise helmed by Sarah Gavigan, is coming to The Stone Fox on Saturday, Jan. 12.

This edition will feature three options:

• Shoyu - chicken broth seasoned with soy & topped with pork
• Spicy fried chicken - chicken broth topped with kara-age fried chicken
• Naked vegetarian - seasonal vegetables in a kombu broth

Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene will DJ.

Ramen bowls are $13 at the door. You can buy $16 advance tickets, which guarantee you a bowl (these events are packed, and they could run out), not to mention reserve you a time-slot to avoid waiting in line. The hour-long time slots extend from 7 p.m. to midnight — and FYI, the first slot, 7-8 p.m., is already sold out, so don't delay! (Gavigan says costs incurred by the online ticketing process account for the $3 surcharge.)

As you probably have gathered by now, this is not your college-dorm budget ramen. This is fabulous, freshly prepared soup with hearty noodles that will make you forget the 20-cent-a-pack version. After attending a couple of Otaku South pop-up events — one at The Catbird Seat, one at Barista Parlor — I'm a believer, and you can count on seeing me at The Stone Fox. I'll be the guy in glasses with the goofy grin and the noodle hanging down my shirt. Check out Steve Cavendish's review of Otaku South at Catbird Seat here, and see video from the Barista event above.

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