Whiskey Wednesday: Personalize Your Knob Creek for Free



Don't panic, but it may already be too late to acquire certain presents in time for holiday gift-giving. Fortunately, when it comes to booze, it's still totally appropriate to take a bottle along as a host gift for any party. Especially with New Year's coming up.

That's why this cool idea from Knob Creek is still in play, despite the fact that they can't help you (us) procrastinators out for Xmas. If you head over to Knob Creek's Facebook page, you can fill out a short form and they will print and send you as many personalized labels as you you'd like. For free even. The distillery even suggests some hokey epigrams for you to inscribe, but don't limit yourself. Tap into your inner Ben Franklin for a creative bon mot.

Once you receive your labels in the mail, all you have to do is drop by your favorite liquor store and buy some 750 ml bottles of that fine Knob Creek Kentucky bourbon. This whiskey is really a prototypical example of good bourbon. Aged nine years in oak and a beautiful amber in color, Knob Creek is a crowd-pleaser that would be appreciated by just about any bourbon enthusiast.

Nutty on the nose with a long finish of oak, smoke and fruit, Knob Creek also plays well with other ingredients in cocktail recipes. So whether your intended gift recipient prefers their whiskey straight up or mixed in a drink, Knob Creek is a very safe choice. Plus when you personalize it, they'll remember where that bottle came from and think of you every time they crack it open.

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