Ghost Recipe From The Past: Hap Townes' Stewed Tomatoes in Saveur



Jan/Feb issue of Saveur
  • Jan/Feb issue of Saveur

Every year, the nice folks at Saveur magazine do a gonzo issue called The Saveur 100, wherein they bring to you, gentle reader, items of deliciousness which you will want to buy, eat or generally get on a plane immediately to go see. This year's best bit of food travel porn is at No. 44, and it's the entire country of Norway. (Yes, it's ridiculous, but it's worth buying the print edition just for the photo edit on this spread alone.)

Flipping through, my jaw dropped when I got to No. 35 and found a pitch perfect description of the legendary Hap Townes restaurant. This entry focused on the stewed tomatoes and, incredibly, includes a recipe for them. The item was written by Jane and Michael Stern, better known as the folks behind a series of road food books and

The recipe, which originally came from James Beverly "Little Hap" Townes' grandmother, is included in the back of the issue.

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