Deb Paquette To Represent Nashville in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII


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We all knew that Chef Deb Paquette of Etch Restaurant is super, but the NFL has confirmed it. Every year the NFL throws a strolling cocktail party in the host city of the Super Bowl. They call it "Party with a Purpose." The event raises money for food banks in each NFL city and features a local chef along with a current or retired member of the chef's home team.

The NFL must have decided a while back that there was no way the Titans had a chance to actually be playing in the big game (mathematical elimination fever — CATCH IT!), so they selected current Titans linebacker Will Weatherspoon to represent Nashville. He's actually a very appropriate choice since he owns a cattle farm in Missouri.

The choice of Chef Paquette is also very apt, since her adventurous take on international flavors and bold use of spices should draw some serious attention from the multitudes descending on the Big Easy to watch the sporting event of the year. In a city known for spicy food and great chefs, Paquette will represent the best of what Nashville has to offer, and I guarantee she'll have a great time doing it.

Kudos to Deb and fly our flag high! Holler if you've got an inside track on a press pass to cover the culinary angle. 8^)


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