Draft Craft Beer To Go: Fill 'Er Up at The Filling Station in 12South



In what might be the most welcome development in 12South since a couple of brave entrepreneurs decided that the neighborhood could use a restaurant like Mirror, the owner of Edley's Bar-B-Que has expanded his empire next door by opening The Filling Station, a place to buy and fill growlers with your favorite craft beers. Will Newman is the proprietor along with another neighborhood resident as a partner, William Smallman. The two Williams saw an opportunity to take over the space previously occupied by Halcyon Bicycle Shop after that business moved around the corner, and they decided that Nashville could use a place to get lots of varieties of draft craft to go.

Most brewpubs and several grocery stores and beer marts fill up 64-ounce beer jugs called growlers, but none of them currently offer the variety that The Filling Station has put together in their first week of operation. Currently their system can handle 24 different beers, and they are committed to always maintaining at least one offering from each of our local breweries like Yazoo, Blackstone, Jackalope, Fat Bottom and Calfkiller. They also see the chance to be the best place for craft beer fans to try out a rotating selection of new brews that aren't widely available. For example, when they opened Saturday, The Filling Station was already one of the only places in town to buy three different beers from Goose Island out of Chicago. Since the cost of bottling is the most expensive part of the craft brewing business, remote breweries are much more likely to open up Nashville as a draft beer market if they can cut the extra expenses.

If a full growler is more than you want to commit to, because hey it might be a weeknight or you can't drink three beers (wuss), The Filling Station is selling what they call Growlettes, 32-ounce bottles. If you buy a branded growler or growlette from the shop for $5, you can trade up or down any time you want, depending on whether you want a large or a small. They'll handle all the cleaning and sanitizing for you and give you a new growler of either size whenever you want to swap one out.

They ordered over 300 full-size growlers in preparation for their Saturday opening, but had already run out by Sunday. Fear not, thirsty friends, more are on the way and they have plenty of the small sizes left. In fact, Newman promised, "We'll fill up a milk jug if you bring one in." Half growlers of beer run from $5-7 with full ones available in the $9-13.50 range. Figure you'll pay double that for a milk jug.

Future plans include offering room temperature bottles of other craft beers for aficionados to mix and match or take home a sixer and possibly some cigars and pipe tobacco to fill out your evening vice needs. The building is located at 1118 Halcyon Ave. and is open 11 a.m to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday and noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

In one other bit of Newman news, in response to neighborhood clamoring, Edley's is now open seven days a week for your barbecue needs.

Between Edley's 'cue and the new Filling Station next door, I might as well buy a seat license for a parking space on 12th Avenue.


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