Chef Thomas Keller to Visit Nashville in December



On the heels of Anthony Bourdain's rollocking tour stop last month in Nashville, where several lady Bitesters may very well have stalked out the Oak Bar for a glimpse of Tony, Music City welcomes another celebrichef next month.

Chef Thomas Keller will be holding a Bouchon Bakery book signing party at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 4 at the Hutton Hotel. Keller and his co-author Sebastien Rouxel will be returning to the city where Keller got an early boost to his career as one of the last chefs at The Wild Boar.

Local chefs who will be returning the favor by cooking for Keller and the assembled masses include Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson of The Catbird Seat, Tyler Brown from the Capitol Grille and host chef Charles Phillips from 1808 Grill in the Hutton. Etch's Megan Williams will be handling the pastry duties, and Chris Carter and James Peisker from Porter Road Butcher are sure to be pitching in something cool as well. Other participants are Matt Bolus, Bart Pickens and Alisa Huntsman of Loveless Cafe, Rebekah Turshen of City House and in a really cool development Lisa Donovan of Buttermilk Road Supper Club.

The chefs will be preparing dishes that draw inspiration from some of Keller's other works like Ad Hoc at Home, The French Laundry Cookbook and his latest, Bouchon Bakery. Tickets are pretty steep at $250 apiece, but how many chances are you going to get to meet THE MAN and eat the wares of all these great chefs? You can buy your tickets here.

Now if we can only get Guy Fieri to come back and visit again...

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