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Back in the summer, I told you all about Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream, a 40-proof liqueur made from a base of Collier & McKeel Tennessee Whiskey and fresh dairy cream and natural spices. Jeff and Jenny Pennington are the driving forces behind Whisper Creek, and they made the brilliant choice to have chef Deb Paquette help them develop the flavor profile of their new product.

The resulting spirit is sweeping the city and spots as far away as Chicago with its subtle nose of caramel, apple, fig, pecan and molasses. Great straight up or on the rocks, Whisper Creek is eminently drinkable all by itself, but I imagine as the temperature drops, more and more folks will discover how well it goes with coffee or hot chocolate. Bravo Gelato has even made a special flavor of their creamy gelato using Whisper creek, so if you happen to see it in the rotation, be sure to pick up a pint. (And call me, maybe.)

The difference between Whisper Creek and other sipping creams is that they start out with a good Tennessee whiskey and try hard not to conceal the flavor elements that distinguish it. Especially on the finish, you'll definitely note the smooth sweetness of charcoal-filtered corn mash after the fruitier elements of the initial flavor attack have faded. I've shared sips of Whisper Creek with many of my friends, and I have yet to encounter one who didn't like it.

With its clever moonshiner's jug-inspired bottle, Whisper Creek should be a popular holiday gift for friends and family who want to try something new. Available for around $20/bottle, it won't put nearly the dent in your budget as some of those pricier aged whiskeys. Look for it at your favorite liquor store around town.

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