The Weekly Open Thread Asks, 'Where Can You Get a Good Breakfast in Nashville?'



Barista Parlors sausage biscuit and coffee: It doesnt get much better than this.
  • Barista Parlor's sausage biscuit and coffee: It doesn't get much better than this.
On Tuesday, we received the following email from a Bites reader named Ashley:

Any chance you can post an open stream on great places for breakfast during the week in Nashville? We just moved here from a great breakfast city, San Diego, and can't seem to find anything good. Something that isn't just country cooking, weekend brunch only, or hotel options. Do any great breakfast places exist here?

A few suggestions that come to mind:

Marche: I love it because you can eat healthy (oatmeal), decadent (croissant French toast) or somewhere in between. (Closed Mondays)

Barista Parlor: Not a full breakfast menu, but their sausage biscuit, the subject of an Open Thread a few months ago, is to die for. Sausage and biscuits courtesy of Porter Road Butcher, which is right next door to Barista. (Open seven days a week)

Nashville Biscuit House: When you want that old-school Southern breakfast. (Open seven days a week)

Bagel Face Bakery: Best bagels in town, served up with lox and cream cheese, scrambled eggs, hummus and veggies, peanut butter-honey-banana, you name it. (Closed Monday)

Of course, my suggestions skew to East Nashville, since I only go out for breakfast close to home. Come on, Bites ambassadors let's help welcome a new Nashvillian. What else ya got?

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